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Welcome to Iconbenders! As you've probably read at least twice by now, this is an icontest community for the hit television show, Avatar: The Last Airbender.

For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, an icontest is a contest where people submit icons, vote on those icons depending on which ones they liked, and then see which icons won the vote. It's a fun way to compete with your icons and improve your skills by seeing winning examples and through practice. And hey--with people competing to win, the community itself cranks out around 50 icons a month, and you're allowed snag any icons you see and like (so long as credit is given where credit is due, of course ;D).

All kinds of members and levels of experience are welcome to compete. Even if you don't submit icons, you're still welcome to vote if you'd like. If you should ever have any questions, comments, inquiries, or complaints, please feel free to ask me whenever you like.

Here's the schedule:

Monday → voting begins
Tuesday → new theme is announced
Wednesday → winners of Monday's voting announced
Thursday → halfway reminder for new theme is posted

For information, continue reading below~

New submission posts will be made every Tuesday unless otherwise specified. This is where you submit your icons to be voted on later. The post is screened, so none of the comments with your entries will be seen until after the winners are announced.

The each week will have a theme, such as "red" or "Iroh" or "freedom" or "no eyes," and these themes should be what you base your icons off of. Different themes will mean different things as for what you need to put in your icons, but the themes are always explained when they're posted. If you have an idea for themes you'd like to see here in the future, feel free to suggest them.

Here's some quick rules that apply to all icons made for this icontest, regardless of theme:

»» You have to be a member to submit icons.
»» You can make up to two icons per theme, unless otherwise specified in the submission post.
»» Icons must meet LJ's standards (no bigger than 100x100, 40KB max, JPG, PNG, or GIF format).
»» Don't post or use your icons anywhere else until the voting is over and the winners have been chosen, not even if they're just being entered in another icontest as well. After the winners are announced, you're free to do with the icons as you wish.
»» The icons you make should be fairly new. Don't recycle old icons, even if you've never used or posted them.
»» You're allowed to use other people's bases, brushes, textures, ect, but you cannot use other people's icons.
»» No fanart should be used to make the icons. Official art, trading card game art, concept art, and anything official from Nickelodeon is safe territory, but fanart is out-of-bounds due to copyright complications.
»» Both textless and animated icons are perfectly acceptable, however.
»» Icons should be about both Avatar: The Last Airbender and somehow follow the theme. Because... That's why you're here, isn't it?
»» If you want to credit someone for the stuff you used in your icon, or have comments about your icon, or want to tell people who to credit when they take your icon, or anything else like that, please say it in the same comment as your submission icons. Questions, on the other hand, should probably be separate comments so that I can unscreen them safely.

When your icons are done, comment on the theme post to make your submission. Include your icons and links in the comment. It should look something like this:

URL: http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b342/stickxkeyblade/Earth.png
Other: Please credit otaku_icons if taking! :D

The image and link to the image are required. Please keep your images up on whatever hosting account you're using until at least voting time, so that I know exactly who made what. (Need a hosting account? Try Photobucket!)

If all else fails, and you made your icon but can't submit it on LiveJournal for whatever reason, you can always e-mail them to me at theatershadow25.at.livejournal@gmail.com. Just make sure that the subject of the e-mail has something to do with the icontest so I know what's up.

On Thursday, I'll post a reminder that it's halfway through the submission period and that y'all should get your icons in if you haven't already. You generally have until Sunday night to get your icons in. After that, it's voting time!

Voting begins Monday, and continues on until Wednesday. As long as they met requirements, everyones' icons will be posted up for everyone to see--in random order and with no hints as to who made them--and you'll get to vote for a first place, second place, and third place icon. I'll choose a mod's choice icon to go along with these winners, and each week you'll get to vote for a different special category icon.

Special category is a vote for an icon that did best in a certain area of icon-making. For example, best color, most unique, and best use of text are three special categories often used here at Iconbenders. If you thought of a brilliant special category and want to suggest it, feel free.

Here are some general rules on voting etiquette:

♦♦ Don't rally other people to vote for you through promotion of your icon or otherwise.
♦♦ If you know who made what icon, don't vote for them just because you know them. They aren't going to know who voted for them anyway~
♦♦ Don't vote for yourself, or use multiple accounts to vote for the same icon.
♦♦ Try not to single out icons when you comment about the voting selection. This may sway others to vote for the icon you singled out--so be vague and broad when you talk about the icons.

On Wednesday night, the winners will be announced. Banner makers will make banners for these winners. If you're interested in making banners, you can always sign up.

All first place winners are entered into the Hall of Fame. If you win first place three times in a row, or if you win first place a total of nine times, you're put into the Iconbending Master's list for all to see.

By this time, there will have been another new theme posted, so the cycle can continue!

The cycle continues over and over, so that everyone gets a chance to make banners. We're currently pretty full up on banner makers, so I've opened up the option to be an alternate banner maker if you'd like. They're the ones that make banners when the person who's supposed to make them are busy or not responding. Note that you can resign from being a banner maker at any time.

Sign up or sign out of banner making duty here~!

[ Banner Makers ]

stick (Week 48)
flutie2891 (Week 49)
svimmelhet (Week 50)
agnikai (Week 51)
chicaintcheap (Week 52)
xxoathkeeperxx (Week 53)
dharmavati (Week 54)
renuki (Week 55)
icedragoncat (Week 47)

[ Alternate Banner Makers ]


If you win first place three icontests in a row or a total of nine times, you'll be entered here as an official Iconbending Master. You'll have to comment or e-mail me with three of your favorite icons that have been submitted to icontests here (which you can choose from the Hall of Fame) and I'll put them up here for everyone to view their glory. Huzzah! The only downside is that you then can't submit any more icons for a total of three themes. Then you're free to start submitting again. This is done mostly to give the others iconbenders a chance, ne? We only have one current Iconbending Master. You think you could beat her record? Give it a try!

[ xxoathkeeperxx ]


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